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Dear Tom,

The dictionary defines supreme as “the highest degree, quality, character, and importance.” I define it as my father — Nathan Young.

My father has not only been exceptional to his three children, but also an active figure in his community.  For as long as I can remember, he’s always been there for my sister, brother, and I – often spreading himself too thin to support us in all our endeavors.

When I was eleven and my siblings were eight, our mother became ill and could no longer take care of us: she passed away a few years later from cancer. From that day, he has raised us on his own. There were times where I knew that he was stressed mentally, physically, and financially, but he always made sure we had more than enough.

He pushed us to be our best in everything, we excelled academically and in sports.  Between all three of us, we have three bachelors, two masters, and a cap license.  Much of our accomplishments are due to our father’s love and support.

Nothing has changed today because he never misses a chance to help someone else.  In addition, he visits my grandmother every day in the nursing home and makes sure she receives the best care. He does all this and never once complains about his own health issues.

My siblings and I would love to give him a little extra money so he can do something for himself. Please help us show our appreciation for this great man!

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