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Indiana Governor Mike Pence is standing by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  On ABC’s “This Week” Sunday morning, Pence said the legislation is about protecting the religious liberty of people and families of faith. He also continued to blame the media for the firestorm of reaction by putting the law into the wrong context. When the show’s host, George Stephanopoulos, continued pressing the governor on the question whether it would be legal for a business to refuse to serve gay customers, Pence repeatedly side stepped the question. He also said he wouldn’t support an amendment that made sexual orientation a protected class, but would be open to a bill that reiterates and clarifies what the law really is.

Some of Indiana’s Colleges are not side-stepping. They’re facing this issue head on. Indiana University is taking a stance against the religious freedom law. President Michael McRobbie issued a statement on Sunday saying the bill is creating a discriminatory atmosphere here in the state. He says he hopes the controversy will make lawmakers reconsider the bill. DePauw and Butler have issued similar statements.

Indianapolis-based Angie’s List is canceling a $40 million expansion of its headquarters. The company says it’s because of the passage of the religious freedom law. The expansion was planned to add around a thousand jobs. An Angie’s List executive released a statement Saturday saying Angie’s List is open to all and discriminates against no one.

In addition to the Indianapolis City-County Council formulating its response to the RFRA, the Council is considering a measure that would limit where new gas stations can be built. The proposal prevents gas stations from going up in so-called “neighborhood commercial districts.” It’s already been approved by the Metropolitan Development Commission. A city-county council vote could happen tonight.


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