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Is your life just so busy but you want to get fit and just can’t find the time? No Worries!!! I have ways to fit your daily workout into your busy schedule.According to a Time Use Survey, Researchers say we all have at least 4.5 hours of extra time that they don’t use. Here’s how you can turn that extra leisure time into workout time.

– Make working out a priority by adding it to your to do list. If you don’t you will try to negotiate and then end up not doing it.

– Find support in others to make it fun. For example, your husband/wife or best friend. Your partner could use for support as well.

– You don’t need to do a hard core work out every day.

-There are ways around working out just by walking more often. Getting a step tracker and walker 2,500 steps a day.

– Work out hard for a very short period of time is just as effective.

– Create peer pressure for yourself by getting involved in a fit club or a fitness group to add accountability.

– Do workouts that you actually like. Do not force yourself to do stuff you do not like.

-Most importantly, be honest with yourself and admit to mistakes.