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A couple weeks ago we had a gotten a hint that there might be another “Sex And The City” from Jennifer Hudson and her interview with dish nation, but we never expected a Brazilian twist of the show until now.

Recently, a show that airs on a Brazilian channel called Globo has their own version of “Sex And The City”. This show and movie is very popular in the U.S and Brazilian writer and director, Miguel Fallabella, thought it would be just as great but instead people are very upset with this show. In fact, there are plans of viewers to boycott the show.

An outraged blogger reportedly wrote:

“Your work, with a view to making financial profit, does little to create the dignified visibility of black women,” the bloggers wrote. “It does the opposite. As is common in literature and dramaturgy made by white people about black people, we are treated as exotic study cases; people to be manipulated and observed.”

Sources say Miguel Fallabella did respond to the bloggers calling him out but apparently he doesn’t believe nothing is wrong with it.

Read more at http://www.eurweb.com/2014/10/brazilian-sex-and-the-city-sparks-outrage-with-sex-and-the-nggaz/#mLLA1KE2T3kzby1Q.99





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