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In case you haven’t heard, Katy Perry is performing at Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.

The “E.T.” singer will be taking the field on February 1 to entertain millions of viewers for the highly coveted gig, reports. Her name had been on the short list of possible acts for the halftime show, and her BFF Rihanna was also listed as contender for the honor. In the end, it looks like Katy got it (but I wouldn’t be mad if she brought RiRi out for a song).

The New York Post dubbed Katy “family friendly” (LOL) but  given the singer’s recent run of controversial music videos and performances, she’s going to need to think twice about more than just her outfits and song selection when she’s putting together her show. After a string of cultural appropriation missteps this year, we’re going to need her and her team to get it together, least she unleashes the wrath of BlackTwitter…again.

Katy, girl, here are just a few things you may want to leave at home for Super Bowl XLIX:

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1. Big Booty Mummies


Katy caught a lot of criticism on her Prismatic Tour after having her dancers dress up as bodacious mummies that seemed to be a caricature of Black women’s bodies. Naturally, she got roasted for the questionable costumes, probably even more so after she tried to explain to Rolling Stone: “As far as the mummy thing, I based it on plastic surgery. Look at someone like Kim Kardashian or Ice-T’s wife, Coco. Those girls aren’t African American. But it’s actually a representation of our culture wanting to be plastic, and that’s why there’s bandages and it’s mummies. I thought that would really correlate well together … It came from an honest place. If there was any inkling of anything bad, then it wouldn’t be there, because I’m very sensitive to people.”  She added:  “I guess I’ll just stick to baseball and hot dogs, and that’s it. I know that’s a quote that’s gonna come to f–k me in the ass, but can’t you appreciate a culture? I guess, like, everybody has to stay in their lane? I don’t know.”

Well since you don’t know how to appreciate culture without co-opting or fetishizing, yes, it would be wise to go ahead and stay in your lane. And while we’re here: kill the “ancient Egyptian grill” and pretty much everything from the “Dark Horse” video should be scratched off the the wardrobe/set design list.

2. Those Dreadful Cornrows 


On the heels of her mummy scandal, Katy released a music video “This Is How We Do” that made the world roll their eyes again.  The culture vulture made caricatures out of Black women once again donning cornrows with gelled baby hairs and “sassy” facial expressions, randomly inserted Black basketball players, ate watermelon while chucking the deuces, dropped the phrase “thot” and mentioned getting her nails done all “Japaneesy” (as Japanese koi fish swam in the background).  Like….that ain’t how you do and we don’t want any of it.

3. Geisha Girl Swag


Katy’s Asian exercise in cultural appropriation at the 2013 AMAs was also not a huge hit. The costuming was very pretty, but it seemed that she couldn’t decide whether she wanted to borrow from Japanese or Chinese culture. They are two different things, but Katy threw them both on stage like they really weren’t. People understandably got upset about it and we want to remind her it’s high time to back away from the Eastern inspiration (cc: every other white girl pop star).

4. Riff Raff And Any Other Ratchet Ridiculousness


We have already established that Katy is not above using people as props, but her date to the 2014 VMAs just took the cake. She and Riff Raff showed up on the red carpet covered in denim as a takeoff on something Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore back in the day…except her date accessorized with beaded cornrows, a grill and chains. *eye roll*  Clearly Katy  was going for another (whack) statement…especially since she pretty much ditched her date after the photo opp, but we’re going to need her to leave her riff raff home and cut it out (and no we don’t want to see Macklemore as a substitute either).

Katy you’ve been warned…. 

Are you here for Katy Perry as this year’s Super Bowl headliner? 


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