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Nate DoggIt’s been three years since the passing of gangsta singer Nate Dogg, yet his estate is still not settled. Nate Dogg’s six children are still fighting over the sale of Nate’s Pomona, California home.

As the story goes, when Nate Dogg passed, he left his home to his six children. However, a mere two days after his passing in March of 2011, the bank decided they were going to foreclose on the property because the late singer had fallen behind on the mortgage payments.


Fast forward three years and Nate Dogg’s family is fighting the estate administrator over the sale of the property. The estate administrator agreed to sell the home for $340,000. The issue is the estate administrator plans on using the money from the sale of the house to pay off Nate Dogg’s debts. Any money left over after paying off those debts would go to the children. Since Nate Dogg had significant debt, that spells little to no money for his kids and they aren’t having it.

A judge must now decide if the sale of the home can go through.




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