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The parents of 17-year-old Jordan Davis who was shot and killed during an argument over loud music have spoken out after the trial concerning Davis’ death ended in a mistrial.

During an appearance on Good Morning America Wednesday, and vowed to fight tooth and nail to change the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. They also said that at the end of the day, “God is the ultimate justice.”

Take a look at the touching interview below:

A juror from the case also opened up about what went on and why the jurors were unable to come up with a decision. The woman, who goes by Valerie, said:

“It said if he believed that he had an eminent threat to himself or his fiancee, so that was a thing that those two folks believed – he was frightened and there was no other option for him in regards to Mr. Davis. The rest of us were 100 percent sure, you didn’t have to react [with gunfire], you could have had another option.

“We looked at a lot of evidence – and myself, it was where the gunshots were, the timing. Could he have had other options? To me, [the shooting] was unnecessary.”

Check out what else she had to say: