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Torrei Hart, says finding a new man is not a top priority for her right now.

As Hart preps for her upcoming reality show, “Atlanta Exes” with co-star Tameka Raymond (Usher’s ex), Torrei seems to have come to a peaceful place in her life; and while she says she has dated, and a sense of humor is important in a man, she’s not necessarily looking for a repeat performance, if you get her drift.

“Some men I went on a date with, I could tell they’re trying to be funny. And if that’s not who you are, be who you are because that’s a problem,” Torrei explained. Being able to joke around is always nice, but a man’s got to bring more to the table than some laughs (although that is important).

After being marrried to Kevin Hart, she finds it difficult to be around too much seriousness.

“He doesn’t have to be a comedian just that he makes me laugh. I need to laugh a lot. That’s the type of person I am. I can’t be around people who are too serious,” she revealed to CocoaFab. “I need that humor. I also need loyalty. I need stability. I need somebody pretty much somebody I can trust more than anything.”

Even though it wasn’t easy in the beginning, Torrei seems to have found a very doable co-parenting relationship with Kevin.

“We are able to co-parent really well, which really helps us both. There’s things that I can do, stuff that he takes the kids and they have to do stuff,” Torrei shared. “We’re really good at co-parenting. [It was] Definitely trial and error. Definitely now it’s been about two and a half years since the divorce. In the beginning it wasn’t this easy,” Torrei admitted, adding, “Now we’re kind of like on a good schedule. We have a very good schedule. If we need to go off the schedule which is really all communication,” she continued. “Communication every single day almost every morning and just knowing what’s going on with the kid’s schedule. That’s pretty much it. I would have to say just daily communication.”