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A Georgia woman, Vickie McBride, and her son, Maurice McBride received their Ph.D’s on the same day. Vickie gave birth to Maurice at the tender age of 13.

“Never in a thousand, million, trillion years [did I expect to get my PhD]. The thought of becoming a doctor anyone was far-fetched. I never thought I would get chance to see my mother walk across the stage and then she turned around and saw me walk across the stage.”, said Dr. Maurice McBride.

Dr. Vickie McBride spoke about the journey to get to this remarkable day for her family.

“At the age of 13, I got pregnant with Maurice. It was shunned upon and of course the older people in the community were whispering.  As a teenager I continued my education. That was never an option. I had to figure out how to work and how to parent and how to manage school all at the same time.”

Source: EURWeb