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Paula Deen has lost another endorsement.  Yesterday Paula was dropped by Smithfield Pork Company.  Yep, Paula was living high on the hog.  But after that ham hocked out the N word that swine Paula got chopped.

Damn, there’s a lot of celebrities in trouble with the law right now.  Scottie Pippen turned himself in to the police after he beat a man unconscious in front of a nightclub.  During the ass whipping the man kept yelling time out, time out.

Rapper Fat Joe was sentenced to four months in prison for tax evasion.  And on his first night behind bars the other inmates told him, lean forward, lean forward.

And a judge has given Allen Iverson 72 hours to come up with $71,000 for back child support or he’s going to jail.  How’s AI going to come up with that kind of cash?  He may have to sell his own hair on e-Braid.

 John Wayne Bobbitt says that he slept with 70 women since his ex-wife Lorenna Bobbitt cut off his penis 20 years ago.  Yeah?  Well, he may have had sex with 70 women but you better believe he did not go to sleep!

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