Monopoly jus released it new board game called ‘Ms. Monopoly’. The game will give women more money. When a woman player passes “Go” she will get $240 and men will still only get $200 There are other little hacks for women throughout the game. Source: time.com

Black Women have an age old argument that black men prefer to date outside of their race as oppose to getting with a sista. So when black celebs like Tyrese, who publicly speaks about black love and black lives, marries a woman who doesn’t look what some would consider black enough, black women waste no […]

Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.

Serena Williams plans to withdraw from WTA finals in China. The tennis star plans to cut this season short to take time to heal after playing through injuries all this year. “It’s no secret I’ve played injured most of the year — whether it was my elbow, my knee, or, in the final moments after […]

A woman who says she dated Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose for 2 years is now suing him behind accusations that he drugged and gang…

During a recent interview with Madame Noire, Jill Scott talked about relationships and how loving even after a heartbreak is still worth it. Check out her full interview below. MN: Woman‘s release date was scheduled closely to the 15-year anniversary of your first album, Who Is Jill Scott?. It feels like the first album poses […]

Jill Scott shares what it was like to meet Nina Simone, and why traveling is important for growth.

Jill Scott was on ‘The View’ earlier today and she talked about her latest album’Woman’ which also features her new song “Fool’s Gold.” Check out Jill Scott’s performance above as well. And below are the tour dates. View Jill Scott’s Tour dates below: 7/22/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Kings Theatre 7/23/15 – Brooklyn, NY @ […]

Jill Scott release another single from her new album ‘Woman. The name of the song is called “Closure” and in the song Jill reflects on her past relationships and dealing with breakup.   SOURCE

Grammy award Winner, Jill Scott, finally shared more information on the release of her fifth studio album, ‘Woman.’ This album will mark her debut with Atlantic Records with the release date of July 24th. Jill Scott’s last album, ‘Fool’s Gold,‘ reached the billboard charts at number 1 and there are high expectations for Woman as the the executive […]

Former NAACP official, Rachel Dolezal gets offered a reality show and is now seeking an agent and publicist. She also said she is willing to do it to bring more awareness to race relations. Today when she broke her silence, she spoke on what she identify herself as. “I was actually talking to one of […]