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Before the great and powerful Olivia Pope, there was Carrie Bradshaw. Manolo Blahniks click-clacking on the sidewalk runways of New York City, Prada falling perfectly careless off her shoulder, a full head of wild blonde curls, piercingly honest blue eyes and that fragile, yet determined heart–Carrie Bradshaw was an archetype of the oxymoronic life of a New York City girl.

Today, the woman who played Carrie with such voracity over 94 episodes and two feature films, Sarah Jessica Parker, is turning 48. In order to properly celebrate SJP, we want to reminisce on her most iconic role in her career, New York Star “Sex & The City” columnist, Carrie Bradshaw.

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Join us as we remember our own favorite moments in Carrie’s timeline of dating disasters, major heartbreaks, bad kissers, momma’s boys and more.

Big & Carrie’s Happy Ending In Paris

“It took me a really long time to get here, (insert long pause) but I’m here!” Says the man who broke my heart. Oh wait, we’re talking about Carrie right, LOL.

When “Sex And The City” aired on HBO, I was going beyond broke paying for my son’s private schooling, and couldn’t imagine spending not a single dime on premium cable. I heard the buzz about the show for a few years, but it never mattered to me–that is, until the first movie was released. So one rainy weekend, my besties sat me down for a “SATC” weekend long marathon, equipped with bottles of cheap wine, that stretched well past that weekend.

I was convinced that the writers had torn a few pages out of my diary and built their characters around my life. Minus the VOGUE byline, and Manolo Blahniks with a swanky closet to match, Carrie was so me. Head over heels for a man who wasn’t quite ready yet, all while battling the judgement-filled love of her best friends.

In the end Carrie got Big, and so did I. I own the “SATC” 20-disc complete set and I go back to this scene often. Few will know what it’s like to fight for love, give up on love and have the same love find you again. I would do it all again for the love I’ve found. I wonder if Carrie would too?

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