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  • Act in a trustworthy manner. Lying to your partner is a sign of disrespect, so keep your partner’s trust by telling the truth.

    Communicate openly with your partner. This demonstrates that you respect his or her intelligence, emotions and your relationship enough to be forthcoming about your feelings. Even if you are discussing problems in your relationship or a disagreement, being straightforward and taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions moves the dialogue forward in a healthy, respectful manner. When you make a mistake, apologize directly and assume responsibility for it. Likewise, if you feel that your partner has disrespected you, let him or her know instead of bottling it up inside — sharing these feelings and others shows respect for your partner and ultimately strengthens your bond.

  • Show that you are willing to compromise. Let your partner choose dinner or the movie sometimes, and don’t complain if it is something you would rather not do — letting your partner take the reins shows that you respect his or her desires.

  • Support your partner during good times and bad. Dependability is a sign of respect, so don’t tune out your partner if she needs to vent — or if he needs to revel in some good news.

  • Give your partner space. Respecting your partner’s individual identity is crucial to a healthy relationship, so don’t smother him or her — show that you respect his or her needs for things like a night out with friends or time alone with a book.

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