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Janet Jackson appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan show and talked candidly about her life. Nothing of off limits during the conversation. She talked about her happy memories of her brother Michael. She recalled the times she and Michael would go and purchase several dinners then drive around looking for homeless people to give the dinners to. On one occasion Janet said a homeless man told Michael he didn’t need his stinking food and threw it back at him. Janet said she was drive and began freaking out, but not Michael.

When asked about her love life, Janet smiles and sighs and says she’s been truly in love 5 times. Although she doesn’t directly name names, it is assumed that she was truly in love with her first husband, James DeBarge, (whom she admits now, that she was to young to marry) and Rene Elizando, (to which she would not speak about what went wrong in the marriage). Another possibility of a true love for Janet would be the one person she actually wanted to have children with, You guessed it, Jermaine Dupri. Janet went on to say that Jermaine was a wonderful father to his daughter and that was the first time she seriously thought about having kids.

Janet says she’s not a Diva, but does think that her sister LaToya is a Diva. Laughing, she says that their grandmother was rather “Grand” and that is where she believes LaToya got it from.

This was perhaps the first time Janet every really let people in to every aspect of her life. To check out more on what Janet had to say, go to or click here