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Hey this is the Loverman Jerry Wade. If you’re already dating and he’s taken you out on a couple of dates, it’s just common sense for you to pay on the third date. It will ease his mind to know that you’re not just after his cash. Here’s some more things to think about.

It is no secret that money can be a real issue in any relationship. Right from the start, on your first date, you will be stuck with the problem of who pays for what.

In the good old days, it was a given that the man would pay for the first date, and maybe even all the rest. It was just the way things were done back then, no questions asked.

Now days though, everything is different, and who pays is no different. As women can ask men on dates, the old rule that as the man asked he pays is no longer relevant.

Let’s get this straight though, there are a lot of women who demand to be taken out and paid for and there are still men who won’t let women pay. To ease your mind, it is probably a good idea to discuss it right at the start of the date, so you aren’t stewing about it the whole time.

Sometimes, it will be obvious from the way that the date is proposed. For instance, you may have been asked by your date, “I request the honor of buying you dinner and taking you dancing.”

It is cool for a man to pay despite the fact that it was the woman who asked him on the date. When the bill arrives, he can attempt to pay, but if she wants to, let her.

This is the perfect time to set up the next date, by offering to return the favor and take them out for the next one. Or alternatively, you could offer to split the bill 50/50, meaning that both parties feel good about it.