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COMPLIMENTING – Compliment your wife on her physical looks. There are two areas that will get you more points with your wife, weight loss and sexiness. Tell her how sexy she looks. Tell her how she turns you on. You can also make a lot of points by telling her that she looks thinner and she must have lost weight. Don’t be fake. Really mean what you say. You need to believe it to make sure that she believes it. You can get your wife to have more sex with you if you are sincere with your compliments.

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    BE PLAYFUL – Create a fun and light environment. If you are playful, loving and silly, your wife will let her guard down and open up more. Try doing something new and fun to get her attention when she is not expecting it, such as blowing bubbles towards her or serenading her. She will think you are unbelievably romantic. You can also write her little love notes and slip them into her purse. They do not need to be long. A simple, I love you is enough. It will bring a smile to her face at an unexpected time and make her think fondly of you which will lead to romantic feelings toward you when she sees you.

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    BE ROMANTIC – Be subtly romantic. Take your wife out to her favorite restaurant and then out to something that she loves to do. May be a romantic comedy, play or dancing. She will love it and you. Women are easier to please than you think. You do not need to some riding in on a white horse, but what fun if you did. You can do many small things that your wife will love and will therefore make her more open to have sex with you. Don’t come on too strong. Just be natural. Focus on your wife and try to learn about what makes her happy. The happier your wife is, the more sex the two of you will have. Now you know how to get your wife to have sex with you.