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Poll Looks At Most Rewatched Holiday Movies According to a recent Yahoo poll, participants were presented with a list of 10 favorite holiday movies and asked to select which ones they regularly watched. The results revealed some interesting insights into the preferences of the respondents. Among the options provided, three movies emerged as the most […]


A group of Black state lawmakers is stepping up pressure on Google, Facebook, Twitter and others to diversify their workforces in 2015 through more robust…

  The move comes shortly after the longtime news anchor announces move to Yahoo!   (CNN) – Katie Couric is pulling the plug on her…

You know them.  You use them, and now they are taking a stand.  Some of the biggest names in social media and the Internet are saying “no” to snooping by the federal government. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, LinkedIn and AOL announced the Reform Government Surveillance coalition late on Sunday. The group wants to limit […]

In an effort to make a slam dunk with its original online programming, Yahoo Sports is teaming with Electus and College Humor to produce Blindsided, a 10-part sports prank series featuring pro athletes that premieres on Jan. 19. SEE ALSO: Wanted: Celebs For Obama The series only slightly compares to MTV’s Punk’d. The program doesn’t […]


In 2009 we said goodbye to so many, some all in the same day. Here is a list of just a few of those we said farewell to. <!--more-->