According to reports, it was the former Hot Boy rapper who kicked off a South Carolina Waffle House brawl on Friday.


Customer Antonio Robinson said he was shocked when he noticed one employee dipping her hair into a pot of water in the same area where food was being prepared last week.

A Biloxi Waffle House employee is dead after telling a customer not to smoke at the restaurant.

A Waffle House waitress in Raleigh couldn’t have imagined what happened on Mother’s Day at 3 a.m. A patron eating at her restaurant called Shaina Brown over and said, “I’m going to bless you tonight.” The man paid his bill with a credit card and wrote $1,500 on the tip line. His only request was that Brown […]


Waffle House Waitress Denied $1,000 Tip Shaina Brown works the late shift at Waffle House, serving cups of second-wind coffee to wobbly diners with butane…


Though Waffle House Chairman Joe Rogers, Jr. publicly admitted to having an affair with former housekeeper Mye Brindle, he may avoid legal consequences because of…

All across the south a ton of criminals have one thing in common. They love themselves some Waffle House! Most recently DeAngelo Heard and Edwin Mitchell have been getting their dine and their crime on. Apparently these two have been accused of  jacking Waffle Houses from Georgia to Alabama. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported: “The MO […]