INDIANAPOLIS — Four juveniles were able to get into the Indiana Statehouse and caused “significant damage” when they vandalized several offices, House chambers and other parts of the building on Sunday, according to state police. Indiana State Police Capt. Ron Galaviz said four kids entered the Indiana Statehouse around 4 p.m. Sunday through the west […]

Austin Reed Edenfield pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge on Thursday after acknowledging he helped Graeme Phillip Harris and another student place a noose on the neck of the statue in February 2014.

A city contractor in New Orleans was the victim of a vicious vandalism attack after he discovered that his $200,000 Lamborghini was set ablaze. Although police didn’t officially make the connection, it is believed that the vehicle was torched because the contractor was hired to remove a series of statues related to the Confederacy. HuffPost Black […]

The "Black Lives Matter" signs were thrown in the trash and covered with stickers that read "All," creating the much-criticized "All Lives Matter" refrain.

A Texas man who claimed members from the Black Lives Matter vandalized his car actually lied in an attempt to collect insurance money.

Reaction to vandalism of sign "Black Lives Matter"at River Road Unitarian Universalist Church Bethesda on News4 at 5 — Chris Gordon (@ChrisGordonNews) August 12,…

As if the protests and their fallout weren’t enough, some St. Louis area residents claim to have stumbled upon notes that were scrawled with racially…

Someone desecrated Michael Clarke Duncan’s grave according to a Duncan family rep, who says a vandalism report has already been filed with the police. We’re told a family friend stopped by Forest Lawn Cemetery in the Hollywood Hills to deliver flowers to the spot where MCD was interred in Sept. 2012 when she noticed a […]