I’ve been loving this collaboration with Toni Braxton and Babyface. Now the two are set to spill all of the details of their divorces that inspired them to write new material for their album, “Love, Marriage and Divorce” together. Braxton and Babyface both had pretty high profile splits with their mates. Braxton divorced Mint Condition […]

Months after closing the chapter on her bankruptcy case, Toni Braxton is not having trouble putting her funds into something new.

Reality TV is doing some good for “Hurt You” singer Toni Braxton! The reality star just declared bankruptcy a short six months ago. But that didn’t stop her from moving into a $3 million home. To give you an idea of the level she’s on, Braxton now lives just a few homes down from pop […]

By now you all may have learned of singer Toni Braxton’s financial struggles including bankruptcy and losing the rights to her songs.