Freddie Jackson took some time to visit a classic song that was not his tonight at the Soul Food Fest. He took it all the way to Detroit, the Home of Motown for a Temptations classic! Mr. Jackson made it clear what his mission was tonight. That mission was to get a little nasty.   […]

One of hip-hop’s greatest pioneers came to Indianapolis and ripped the stage like no one else could. He goes by the name, Big Daddy Kane and memorable is an understatement for what you are about to see in the video below. Smooth B Rocking At #TLCSoulFoodFest The Alumni Takeover The #TLCSoulFoodFest Stage Kenny Garmon Performs […]

Kid N Play had one mission at the Soul Food Fest. That mission was to keep the party rocking! They did a high energy set that was full of nostalgia and entertainment! View some of the highlights here. Smooth B Rocking At #TLCSoulFoodFest The Alumni Takeover The #TLCSoulFoodFest Stage Kenny Garmon Performs Classics at #TLCSoulFoodFest […]

One of if not the best live show in hip-hop right now is The Alumni! To see 5 legends like Chubb Rock, Kwame, Dana Dane, Monie Love and Special Ed come together for 1 show is classic in itself! The kept the party going for an hour and if you weren’t there, you missed it! […]

The legendary group Full Force was exactly that at this year’s Soul Food Fest. They went through some of their songs and some undeniable classics during their set. Here’s a quick peak at what you missed. Smooth B Rocking At #TLCSoulFoodFest Kenny Garmon Performs Classics at #TLCSoulFoodFest

Many say that R&B is “dying”. Kenny Garmon is definitely aiming to prove that wrong. He hit the Indianapolis Soul Food Fest stage and perform two of the greatest love songs ever! Check out a couple recap clips below. @NuebreedMuzik Has No Worries on the#TLCSoulFoodFest Stage The @LooseScrews_ Hit The Soul Food Fest Stage #TLCSoulFoodFest […]