The listening party will take place on June 6th. Jay-Z and Tidal are hosting an epic listening party in Los Angeles for Prince’s Originals album. The album features unreleased tracks from Prince’s vault. You’ll be able to purchase your own copy on June 21st. Source:

Prince fans will soon have some new music to groove to.  The late singer’s estate announced Wednesday that in honor of his birthday, a new album will be released in June.  Tidal and Warner Brothers Records have teamed up for an album called “Originals”.  The 15-track album will feature Prince’s version of the songs that […]


The project follows a 17-year-old Black boy named Jacobi Nelson as he travels throughout his day, ultimately leading to a shattering encounter with the police.


He was spotted distributing $100 bills to employees at a McDonald’s in Fort Worth.

Jay Z may have scored deals with the Weinstein company and dabbled in tv/film producing, but he just can’t seem to get his hands on Prince‘s music catalog. A few months back, the music mogul offered around $40 million to take control of Prince’s unreleased tracks, but the late singer’s estate wants nothing to do […]

Well, maybe we should say he wants to buy his music.  The issue is that Prince’s estate is saying NO WAY.  According to, Prince’s estate sent a letter saying that the estate had no interest in signing a deal for Roc Nation to “exploit” any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate. Plus […]

If you're still bummed you missed Made in America this year, Beyonce and Jay Z are making up for it this October.

From TIDAL to Roc Nation, to Made In America, Jay has given us the blueprint for flipping the script on oppressive power structures.

Beyoncé and Jay  Z are both very powerful individuals—so when the couple join forces, there’s nothing they can’t do. According to reports, they are planning a massive Tidal show in New York City in collaboration with Wall Street’s favorite charity, the Robin Hood Foundation. Both stars will take the stage at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, with other performances including […]

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  It seems like almost everything worth listening to or seeing lately is a TIDAL exclusive. Beyoncé‘s LEMONADE, Kanye West‘s The Life of Pablo and dozens of buzzy singles made their debut behind Jay Z‘s streaming service’s paywall. Still, all that cache hasn’t added up to a lot of dollars for the company. In fact, […]


Former television judge Joe Brown has been banned from practicing law in the state of Tennessee. The state Supreme Court ordered that Brown be placed on an inactive status that would prevent him from overseeing legal matters. According to reports, Brown is battling type II diabetes and is suffering from the “effects of prescribed medication […]


Watch the video above to see how these stars made their millions.