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The Sony Pictures hacking story is proving to be a source of embarrassment for the company. Sony Pictures Entertainment chief Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin had joked about President Obama in a series of emails, according to segments released by Buzzfeed. Reportedly, Pascal asked Rudin what she should ask Obama at a November 2013 fundraising breakfast hosted by DreamWorks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg. “What should I […]

Some iPhone 6 Plus users are discovering their new tech toy is doing something Apple isn’t advertising… BENDING. Yes, a few of the newly designed cell phones are bowing slightly after being kept in pockets and then sat upon. Considering the device is just over a quarter-inch thick and made largely of aluminum, a flexible metal, the […]

Apple’s new iOS8 operating system has some great new features that look promising, and many iPhone / iPad users can’t wait to upgrade. The free update will be available to iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S owners, all iPads except for the first-generation model, and only the latest iPod Touch users. When: The update will be available at […]

An new trend on Facebook has people changing their profile pictures to photos of giraffes after failing to solve a tough riddle. Here’s how it works: Someone posts the riddle on Facebook, challenging their friends to answer it in a private message. If the person gets it right, congrats: He or she keeps the same […]

CNN has identified a woman who says she participated in the original recording sessions for iPhone’s invisible assistant known as Siri. Reporter Jessica Ravitz stumbled upon voice actor Susan Bennett, who confessed to spending a month inside a recording studio, laying Siri’s foundation. During the summer of 2005, she recorded a bunch of crazy phrases for four […]

From: CNN Sandra Bond Chapman, author of the book “Make Your Brain Smarter” and founder and chief director of the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas, said parents who are concerned about their kids’ dependence on digital devices should first embrace the technology and not punish them with it. Second, she suggests challenging […]

A Recent Google study showed that most people choose online passwords based on “readily available” information. This means many accounts may be subject to being hacked by using a few simple, educated guesses. Here are the 10 most common passwords: Pet names A notable date, such as a wedding anniversary A family member’s birthday Your […]

Your iPhone and iPad might never look the same come this fall. No, we don’t know what the next versions of the iPad and iPhone hardware will look like, but we might not need to. Apple Monday revealed the next version of its mobile software iOS 7, and it’s the makeover of makeovers. Think a “Pretty Woman”-size makeover. […]