That's Beautiful

Naomi Campbell showed off her baby hairs with a new do at the BFC Fashion Nominee Luncheon.

The former Victoria's Secret model recently expressed how uncomfortable she's become about the recent drama among the new crop of models.

I mean seriously guys, what fountain of youth is Naomi Campbell drinking from and shouldn’t she be nice and share it’s location. The 43-year-old supermodel…


In March 1966, Donyale Luna became the first black model to grace the cover of British Vogue. Supermodel Beverly Johnson holds the history of being the first black woman on the U.S. edition of Vogue, but that was eight years after Luna’s photos were published. A beauty icon, Luna’s likeness was later copied as a mannequin […]

BE FRIENDS WITH FIRST LADY ON FACEBOOK OR FOLLOW HER ON TWITTER according to eurweb Tyra Banks is in trouble. The supermodel/TV talk show host is being sued, along with her television producers by the parents of a sex-addicted teen who appeared on her show without their permission. And how much you ask? $3 million. […]

Our favorite hell-raiser supermodel Naomi Campbell is in trouble with the law this time, but relax she didn’t beat anyone up…Naomi is reportedly behind in her taxes and Uncle Sam says it’s time for her to pay up!

I’m getting a little worried about Tyra…The model/daytime TV host has been shedding the pounds recently, but I’m thinking she’s gone overboard. The supermodel and TV presenter looked incredibly gaunt as she touched down at London’s Heathrow earlier this week.

Naomi, it’s safe to come out now…The police are no longer interested in speaking with the supermodel!! According to the NY Times, the case is closed and no charges will be filed. Naomi hit her driver as he drove through Midtown about 3 p.m. Tuesday and then ran away after the driver pulled over, according […]