Staying summertime fine, but making sure you’re up to par with your office dress code can be tough. What’s even tougher is figuring out how…

SOURCE: The Grio Author “Kunbi Tinuoye” Darlene Evans vividly remembers the day she noticed her first gray hair. She was in her 20s, juggling life as a single mom while trying to hold down a job, when she looked in the mirror and there it was: a shiny white hair. Initially she decided to mask […]

I’m gonna speak from my heart here. These are my views, and hopefully there’s some folks out there that will be down for the cause. There’s some stuff that we haven’t had a chance to address and I can’t let it be overlooked or forgotten. …like this… I need answers. I couldn’t believe myself when […]

Now you too can get the Mary J. Blige Swag!!! <!--more-->

Mya was seen in Miami for the Rock Media Fashion Week and Winter Music Conference.