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On the heels of the second season premiere of her hit WGN show Underground (returning March 8th,) Jurnee Smollett-Bell is serving up some fierce, retro glamour realness on the cover of Ebony magazine’s March issue. To celebrate the annual Women’s History Month this March, Ebony magazine has selected the beautiful and talented Jurnee Smollett-Bell […]

For black women, our hair is more than just strands atop our head that we style in a no-fuss, carefree manner. To us, our hair means so much more. It’s a deeply personal labor of love that shows the world who we are courtesy of every textured strand. Since the hair care marketplace is under-represented […]

Fresh off the freshman season of her critically-acclaimed and ratings hit series Westworld on HBO, Thandie Newton shows off her model side as she graces the winter issue of Jones magazine with her stunning beauty. With a come hither yet coy stare, surrounded by a head full of wild, voluminous curls, she is just the […]

Celebrities struggle with weight loss issues just like us regular folks and arguably no celebrity has struggled as much or been as open about it as Oprah Winfrey. Throughout the course of her 30+ year career Oprah has seen her weight fluctuate quite often, but regardless of how big or small she was, she always […]

For most women wearing some type of shapewear or girdle is an uncomfortable reality at some point in their lives and regardless of how comfy they proclaim to be, you reach your breaking point sooner or later. That is exactly what happened to Hidden Figures co-stars Octavia Spencer and Kirsten Dunst, who recall the moment […]

Diversity within the beauty industry is just as problematic as the lack of diversity within the fashion industry. Sure things are definitely better than they once were, but there is still a considerable way to go before diverse beauty is the accepted standard instead of a surprise occurrence. One person who knows about the beauty […]

Turning 50 is a momentous occasion for anyone, especially if you are like Halle Berry and still manage to look at least 20 years younger. The beautiful actress is celebrating her milestone birthday in a way that her fans can also appreciate. After being the spokesperson for high-profile brands such as Revlon, Berry has decided […]

Good genes must run in Jada Pinkett Smith‘s family. The Gotham star’s youthful looks may have something to do with her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. Last week, Jada, along with husband Will Smith and kids Jaden and Willow were on the tropical island celebrating Thanksgiving, and Jada posted this sultry picture of her 61-year-old mother wearing a red bikini flaunting her abs. “Willow took […]

No one is safe when funny man Mike Epps parodies the biggest moment (and hat) from the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Pharrell was nominated for seven awards in five different categories at last night’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards, but as soon as he hit the red carpet, one thing was certain — his hat was the big winner of the night. Pharrell’s brown hat stole the show, had social media going nuts, and even spawned it’s […]