Just when I thought Scandal couldn’t get any crazier, Kerry Washington dished on the season finale and said it’s definitely “explosive.” She made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon earlier this week. While she couldn’t give details about the finale, she did reveal that after the table read she looked and the show’s creator and writer Shonda […]

With shows like “Being  Mary Jane”, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Scandal” bringing in top ratings, there’s lots of competition when it comes what Black America watches on the small screen. According to recent Nielsen data, “Scandal” is sitting in top when it comes to African American viewers. The show has 3.6 million viewers total each […]

SPOILER ALERT: I honestly don’t know how I’m still alive. LOL… this is an article by Ellie Hall from Buzzfeed.com and I TOTALLY agree with her and couldn’t have said it any better. Do you agree with her?   1. When Fitz revealed his superpower. Via: Tumblr.com 2. When the student became the master. Via: dannylaceys.tumblr.com 3. When Fitz LAID […]

“When we revealed who the mole was to the cast, cast members literally got up from the table and ran around the table screaming, which was hilarious. Then when we revealed the twist on the twist of who the mole was, I thought I’d have to sedate cast members because people were freaking out, which […]