Rev. Al Sharpton

NORWALK, CT– Rev. Al Sharpton will speak tonight in support of Tonya McDowell, a homeless mother who was accused of stealing education by enrolling her son into a school under a friend’s address.

The Rev. Al Sharpton has created his own media company and will launch a Sunday-morning syndicated TV show, he told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday.

For years, so many times, White women are abducted and the news and media stop and focus all of their attention on the missing White woman in hopes of bringing her home. We hear public cries from her family and friends etc… It has been long thought that that same attention and care is not […]

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The Rev. Al Sharpton called in to "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" and took issue with several of Tavis Smiley’s comments.

Dominique, I'm not saying it was right but, If it was a Tyler Perry play I can totally understand your driving...I hate being late too.....LOL. <!--more-->