Rev. Al Sharpton struck back at radio host Rush Limbaugh last night after the conservative commentator made fun of Sharpton’s teleprompter flub on MSNBC this past Tuesday. Sharpton had trouble pronouncing the words “we must resist” before immediately moving on to his fellow host Ed Schultz. Conservative commentators crowed about the gaffe, but none more […]

Yesterday, Loop 21 spoke exclusively with Rev. Al Sharpton who explained why he pulled out of the annual National Association of Black Journalist convention this past weekend. In part one, Sharpton focused on how the format of the MSNBC talk show he is being considered for may not be the best fit for a traditional […]

In an exclusive interview with, Rev. Al Sharpton spoke about his much talked-about absence at the 2011 NABJ Convention in Philadelphia this past weekend where he was scheduled to appear. Sharpton, who has been in the news lately for successful fill-in role in the 6 p.m. time slot for Cenk Uygur on MSNBC, said […]

A NEWSONE EDITORIAL The Rev. Al Sharpton and MSNBC are being attacked by critics for the network’s recent hiring of Sharpton to replace weekday host Cenk Uygur. We at NewsOne always liked Uygur, even before his MSNBC show. We consider ourselves to be political progressives. We like MSNBC’s forward lean, in word and often in […]

A recent editorial from The Daily Beast suggests that Rev. Al Sharpton’s endorsement of the Comcast/NBC merger is a somewhat conflict of interest, considering Comcast owns shares in his current employer Radio One, a black-owned niche. The Daily Beast Reports: He was trumpeting a merger that’s already paid dividends to Radio One and its affiliate […] blogger and activist Rev. Al Sharpton is calling for “immediate action” to a racial wealth gap study released by the Pew Research Center. The study indicated that the median wealth of white households is now 20 times that of Black households. Sharpton’s civil rights organization, National Action Network, will address the issue during it’s […]

In light of the surging wealth disparity and unemployment rate, among other socio-economic issues plaguing the country, Rev. Al Sharpton wrote a column in the Huffington Post, urging Americans —African-Americans in particular — to take more action in challenging the government. In the column, Sharpton encourages African-Americans to address their issues at the National Action […]

Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur said he’s being replaced by Rev. Al Sharpton because Sharpton is friendlier to the White House. Uygur left MSNBC last week after holding down the network’s 6PM slot since January. “A friend of mine just suggested that I watch the ’60 Minutes’ piece from a couple of months ago on […]

Rev. Al Sharpton spoke out against Black journalists who criticized his credentials to host an upcoming show on MSNBC. Sharpton said that he is an advocate, not a journalist and if he accepts the offer, the show would be in that role — opinions and advocacy, not news. The Root Reports: “We can’t get into […]

Tune in to Rev. Al Sharpton and InteractiveOne Chief Content Officer Smokey Fontaine at 1 p.m. today on the Al Sharpton show. Listen to this show here live On the show, both men will speak about various issues affecting the African-American community. Feel free to join the live chat below and talk about the show.

What was billed as “The Showdown” by the National Newspapers Publishers Association in Chicago turned into more of a dignified discussion between Rev. Al Sharpton and Cornel West this past weekend. A panel discussion at the NNPA’s annual convention didn’t produce any of the expected fireworks, and Sharpton made sure to inform the attendees to […]

Rev. Al Sharpton said this past weekend that by courting the Black vote, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich “assumes [Blacks] are stupid,” accusing the politician of trying to “cover up the fact that his campaign is falling apart.” Sharpton called Gingrich’s attempt to reach out to Black voters “an insult,” enraged with the conservative for […]