Florida Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) recently lost her congressional seat and is embroiled in an alleged corruption scandal.


The FBI has released a partial transcript of conversations between Omar Mateen and police during the Orlando massacre.  Mateen made the calls while holding people hostage inside the club for three hours. United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the transcripts will reveal Mateen pledging his allegiance to ISIS, his so-called reasoning for the attack, and his […]


Alabama DMV Closings Limiting Access To Photo ID, Affects Ballot Via Voter ID Laws Alabama state officials’ decision to close 31 driver’s license offices in what is known as the “Black Belt” has raised the eyebrows of many, with some calling it an attempt to suppress the African-American vote through limiting access to state IDs and […]

NewsOne’s Top 5 takes a quick look at the trending stories you’re talking about: Grandmother, 11-Month-Old Among Victims Injured Or Killed In 15-Hour Span Of Chicago…


Members of the Florida Republican Party conducted a secret meeting to lay out a plan to unseat Corrine Brown through redistricting.

03/05/14- Roland Martin talks with Rep. Corrine Brown about the latest in the Marissa Alexander case and what needs to be done in order to…

01/08/14- Roland Martin talks to Congresswoman Corrine Brown about the latest developments in the Marissa Alexander case including why the State Attorney’s Office is trying…


Roland Martin talks with Rep. Corrine Brown about how the Parent PLUS loan is negatively impacting students and universities across the country.

What in the world is going on in the Sunshine State? Miami and central Florida voters have found themselves in the middle of voting confusion. Doors were shut on early voters, cars towed and some voting locations were closed yesterday with people being told “no voting on Sunday.” But Rep. Corrine Brown says Florida will […]