All I can say is WOW. <!--more-->

I couldn't believe this when I saw it. You gotta check this out. <!--more-->

Here's my First Lady video/song of the day. Sit back and relax and let the music take control. <!--more-->

More and more churches are facing this type of issue. What are your feeling on the subject? <!--more-->

Would you buy your child a comic book with GOD as the superhero? <!--more-->

Where can teens feel safe from sexual predators? How can parents keep their teens from becoming a sexual predator? <!--more-->

Looking for the perfect gift for that child in your life? <!--more-->

After you read this one, tell me if you agree or disagree with it. <!--more-->

Would you be alright with your high school student taking Bible Study classes in public school? <!--more-->

Is this really the question or do women play a part in men learning to see us past the booty? <!--more-->