He may only be 9 years old, but pint-sized rapper Lil Poopy is already facing his first encounter with the law over his sexually suggestive lyrics and music videos. Poopy (a.k.a. Luie Rivera Jr.) has performed with P. Diddy and has a growing army of fans, but cops in Brockton, Mass., say his dad, Luis […]

Lil Wayne was the source of controversy when a remix he appears on hit the ‘net. Wayne says he “beats the p**** up like Emmett Till” and many who heard it were outraged at the analogy. (The lyric has been removed from the song since many in the public and celebrity sector voiced their opinions […]

In the Epic Rap Battles of History’s latest video, rapper Snoop Dogg plays Moses and engages in a hip-hop battle with Santa Claus. “I’m from the North Pole, that’s why my rhymes are so cold,” raps Santa. “It takes nine reindeers to haul your fat a**,” Snoop raps in return. “You took the Christ outta Christmas and […]

A lieutenant in the Dallas Police Department who goes by the name “Lucille Baller” when she promotes herself as a recording artist promises to shoot anyone who messes with her in a rap song that was posted on her website. “Don’t push Ms. Lucy because you won’t like the consequences,” Dallas Police Lt. Regina Smith […]

There are many truly unheralded rap legends and Whodini rates among the most unheralded of them all. They were the first rap group to go platinum in sales, many of their songs have been reinterpreted to be the basis of songs that went on to be big hits for other artists. They were headliners on […]

Yes, you really read that right. Oh, in case you didn’t believe it either…we got the video. Snoop Dogg was on ‘The Price Is Right’. Yup… At this point in his career and life, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to see Snoop anywhere. He has become ‘America’s Homeboy’. Snoop played and won $72,585 […]

Popular among Muslim youth and Al Qaeda supporters in Europe and elsewhere, former rapper Denis Mamadou Cuspert is now heralded by fans as one of the best known singers of nasheed, Islamic devotional music. At the same time, German authorities are keeping a close eye on Mr. Cuspert as they consider him a top security risk who […]

Hip-hop is officially entering the karaoke gaming market, allowing rap wanna-be’s to emulate their favorite stars in a new video game. Def Jam Rapstar, a hip-hop version of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero we be released on XBox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii in early October. Rapstar features hits from artist like Nelly and […]

When asked who his favorite Southern rapper is, David Banner passionately objected to labeling rappers by region.  According to Banner, the South is often described in sub-par terms in relation to other Hip-Hop hubs.  Banner, who is from Jackson, Mississippi, states, “I transcend any label or any title that anyone has ever put on me,” […]

Be on the lookout for the new T.I Album “King Uncaged” will be out in August! 17th!

Is Artest the new Dennis Rodman? I know that was one of his inspirations and favorite players earlier in his career. I don’t want to say my man is wearing “Erotic Designer Pajamas” but shoot, that’s what they look like to me! Anyway, check out the latest from the Lakers New Party Coordinator!

Although you can’t deny they man’s heart and skill you can’t help but laugh at Ron Artest sometimes! Listen to this historic post game interview Sometimes our emotions get the better of us. This is great entertainment people! Congrats to The Lakers!