Alicia Keys is ready to shine the spotlight on Black women in entertainment.

Are you not getting your black cinema fix with your current streaming provider? Well, the Brown Sugar streaming service may be just what you need. The new service is filled with black film classics including The Mack, Shaft, Super Fly, Dolemite, Cotton Comes to Harlem, Foxy Brown, Blacula, Uptown Saturday Night, Cooley High, Coffy, Black […]

Pam Grier is about to return to her action roots in a new drama for Entertainment One.

70′s movie superstar Pam Grier will bring her real life to the big screen. She has sold her 2012 autobiography, “Foxy: My Life in Three Acts,” to Imprint Entertainment to create a biopic. Recently, Grier has expressed interest in Halle Berry playing her in in the movie which will chronicle her life and relationships with […]

Talk about a blast from the past! Brooklyn rapper Foxy Brown got caught up in the moment last night on The Mo’Nique Show and was visibly humbled when she walked onstage to rapturous applause. The emcee took a seat on Mo’Nique’s couch next to her idol and namesake – legendary actress Pam Grier.

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