Olivia Pope is tired of being the First Lady and she's ready to get back to business when "Scandal" premieres on Feb. 11th.

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Olivia's worst fear is realized when Fitz finds out that she is the reason Rowan Pope is out of jail.

So let’s get right in to it. Jake Ballard wins for the best rapid-fire hyper-dramatic Scandal soliloquy of the night. “You are Rowan’s greatest achievement and you don’t even know it!” Yassss Jake. Best read of the episode period. Okay, back to the beginning. This episode is all about Bill Cosby and college rape-culture and most […]


ABC’s Scandal has hit its stride this season with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) turning his world upside down for Olivia ( Kerry Washington), Olivia running to…

Kerry Washington will be adding producer to her resume. The ‘Scandal’ star is set to team up with Katie Rhodes to produce a drama comedy about a group of nannies in today’s society. “edgy and comical upstairs-downstairs look at the insanity of modern child-rearing and focuses on a clique of young nannies, a trio of interconnected […]

OMG! Shondaland Thursday can’t get here soon enough. ABC has just supplied viewers with the first glimpse of “Scandal” season 5, and the show may be bringing back some of the steamy drama that pulled us in in the beginning! People shipping Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant might finally get the season they’ve been waiting […]

‘Scandal’ star cover the latest issue of Glamour Magazine of South Africa. Kerry Washington opened up about her personal life. She rarely talks about her personal life and she finally decided to do so with Glamour Magazine. “I learned through experience that it doesn’t work for me to talk about my personal life. I’ve had […]

After the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore have been in the fire with riots and protests. To better the city reputation, Judy Smith was called in to do some public relations work. Sources claim that  “Scandal’s” Olive Pope was in fact inspired by the famous Judy Smith.   SOURCE: http://madamenoire.com/530925/baltimore-hires-scandal-inspiration-judy-smith/


  Judy Smith, the D.C. fixer upon whose life Shonda Rhimes loosely based Scandal‘s “Olivia Pope,” played by Kerry Washington, is headed to Baltimore to…

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    Tonight’s Scandal was all about the twists and turns of getting Cyrus and Michael to the church on time. Cyrus’ fake fiancé, Michael, got caught…

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Tonight’s Scandal threatened to bring a slew of major players to their knees and revealed a side of Olivia we hadn’t seen before. Abby retained Olivia’s services…

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Fitz officially introduced Susan as the new VP. Susan, however, was not quite ready for prime time. Olivia returned to work to try to find…