Beyonce was among the Michael Jackson fans who took a moment Yesterday (June 25) to reflect on the fifth anniversary of his death. In a post on her website, Bey reminisced on how Jackson’s performance style inspired her at an early age. Bey recalled how her producer encouraged her to watch an old Jackson 5 live video […]

A French court has sided with five Michael Jackson fans who claimed they endured “emotional damage” after MJ’s untimely death. The fans have been awarded €1 ($1.36) for their troubles. The AFP news agency reports that 34 fans had sued Conrad Murray, claiming they had emotional suffering after their hero’s accidental drug overdose in June 2009. The big […]

The doctor convicted in the death of Michael Jackson, was released from prison today at 12:01 a.m. Conrad Murray served two years behind bars for the 2011 involuntary-manslaughter conviction. Murray was sentenced to the maximum four-year term for his role in Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009, from an overdose of propofol. Under state sentencing rules, Murray was […]

A doctor who treated Michael Jackson during a 1993 concert tour that had to be canceled when the singer entered rehab testified Monday about the signs that led him to conclude the singer had a problem with prescription pain medications at the time. In videotaped testimony, Dr. Stuart Finkelstein said he was later asked by […]

according Michael Jackson has been gone a full year and for the anniversary of his death his mom is going to speak to the media.  She hasn’t been vocal or visible since he passed and now she’s going to share with Dateline all the things that Mike had on his mind.  In one part […]