Martin Luther King Day

A Republican lawmaker from Georgia, who was criticized last week for saying the Ku Klux Klan was not racist, has now withdrawn his name from several bills he sponsored to honor the Confederacy.

Next week we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day is celebrated. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day officially named Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.,  is…

FREE admission to many Downtown attractions Every year, one of the most popular options for Downtown visitors on MLK Day is the chance to visit some of Downtown’s top attractions at no charge. White River State Park: FREE admission to the following attractions with donation of one non-perishable food item per person, per attraction for […]

The role of many Black musicians in making the ‘King Holiday’ a reality cannot be overlooked. There’s a great piece on The Grio detailing the effort Stevie Wonder, Gil-Scott Heron and many other Black artists put into making sure the legacy of Dr. King would be acknowledged by our nation. Don Mizell writes, “Today, I […]

It’s not very often that we speak of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. without some very serious tone to the conversation. Dr. King was a fascinating multifaceted man, that delivered some of the most important, influential speeches of all-time… …and he could tell a joke. I thought it would be nice for us to have […]