The KarJennerWest Family Business is a serious matter, when you gather all of their trademarks it total of 716 trademarks. Here is a list of what is included: Kim has 149 trademark applications. Including, Glam Bible, Dashing by Kim Kardashian and Kimoji. Kylie Jenner ha 128 trademark applications. Including Kybrow, Kylash, Kylighter and Stormiworld. Kanye […]

4/11/17- Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Iesha Evans, the Baton Rouge protester whose photo of her standing up to police in riot gear went viral. “It was laughable at best. I was a little disgusted. I see the similarities. I see little key things. They were trying to take away from it being a […]

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The former First Lady has been natural for years, but it's rare (and important) to see her curls unpressed in all their God-given glory.

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Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies, we all know that, but what is truly surprising — shocking, actually — is how dedicated she is to her craft. The reality star and Selfish author shared exactly how many selfies she took on a four day vacation to Mexico, and the number is literally astounding. By […]

Kanye West is all about family and after his mother's death, considers the Kardashians to be the only one he has now.

A$AP Rocky isn't the only guy vying for Kendall Jenner's affections.

Kendall Jenner just nabbed the most important cover of her life at 20 years old. The high fashion model is front and center on the September issue of Vogue, the most coveted issue of the most revered publication of our time. Posing in barely-there makeup and a Gucci pantsuit with huge pink ribbons, Kendall is […]

Kylie Jenner turned 19 on August 10, and to help her celebrate, sister Kendall and a couple of friends—Tyga, of course, included—jetsetted off to Turks & Caicos for some sun and fun with the birthday girl. “Happy birthday to me. I have the best friends,” Kylie shared in a Snapchat caption. Check out a few […]

The former Victoria's Secret model recently expressed how uncomfortable she's become about the recent drama among the new crop of models.


Plus, Yeezy does work, Chyna charms Cannes and more.

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  Father’s Day was on Sunday, but you wouldn’t have known it if you had looked at Kim, Khloé, or Kourtney Kardashian‘s Instagram pages — at least, if you were looking for their stepfather Caitlyn Jenner. While the 66-year-old spent Father’s Day with her 18-year-old daughter, Kylie, and got a nice note from Kendall on Instagram, his stepchildren were conspicuously silent […]