INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indianapolis man who says he was paralyzed while being taken to jail in 2019 has filed a lawsuit alleging officers threw him head-first into the back of a van that had no safety restraints. The lawsuit was announced Monday. It alleges that by the time the van arrived at the jail […]

Another day another charge for R.Kelly. He is now being charged with a felony for bribery over his marriage with the late Aaliyah who was a minor at that time. Paperwork came down saying the day before Kelly and Aaliyah tied the knot he bribed an Illinois official to make a fake ID for an […]

If you didn’t hear the news that Suge Knight signed over the rights to his life to Ray J. Basically giving Ray J the rights to make mvoies, books, music, and more. Including bringing back Death Row Records. Ray J is a man of business and Suge is looking for him to bring in some […]

Here’s an update on what’s going on with R. Kelly: Kelly was denied release after making a complaint that his health was declining since he had been locked up. The court has announce that he will go to trial May 2020. Looks like Kelly has a little sitting to do. Good luck to him! Source: […]

Kevin Hunter Jr. appeared in court this week for the assault chargers over a fight he got in with his father, Kevin Hunter Sr. Kevin Sr. doesn’t want to press chargers against his son who has a clean record! Wendy Williams has not made any statements regrading the incident. Source:


  WARREN, Maine (AP) — Maine’s corrections commissioner has ordered state prison workers to stop making women remove their bras to go through screening to visit inmates. Commissioner Joseph Fitzpatrick says he didn’t know that women were being required to remove undergarments after the bras apparently set off metal detectors. The commissioner says he became […]

Black women have become accustomed to hearing negative statistics about their finances, health and marriageability, but there is one statistic that has improved dramatically. According to recent reports, Black women are going to jail much less, while white women’s incarceration rates have skyrocketed. The Washington Post reports: The U.S. imprisonment rate has been declining for […]

A video reveals what led to Michael Sabbie's death in jail. Sabbie told corrections staff at least 19 times that he couldn't breathe.

Desiigner can count his lucky stars after receiving some of the best news ever following his arrest last week.

Bobby Shmurda is a few steps closer to being a free man...unfortunately he has to serve a little bit more time behind bars.

Underserved women are affected the most, according to the study. Approximately two-thirds of women in jail identify with a minority group; 44 percent are Black, 15 percent Hispanic, and five percent are of other racial/ethnic backgrounds. Thirty six percent of women in jail identify as White.