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Despite the Warriors' Game 7 loss to the Cavaliers, it doesn't look like model Roni Rose is turning her back on her team anytime soon

Kat Stacks reveals she was a stripper at 14 and turned tricks in Brooklyn as a teenage prostitute for her former pimp, who is also the father of her son.

Former MTV VJ and wife of Carmelo Anthony, La La, called in to our partners on the Power Morning Crew and issued a warning to Kat Stacks. Lala had some words for groupie Kat Stacks, who recently sent out a tweet to Carmelo questioning whether “he tasted like Carmel”. She also gave them the lowdown […]

I really don’t mess with this chick, but when I saw this story, I had to share it with you guys. According to mediatakeout.com, the most hated groupie on the planet got into it with her mom over the weekend.


Wow, I can't believe this but this guy seems to say it's true. Check it out for yourself. <!--more-->