It’s no secret that the glass ceiling is still holding a lot of women back from achieving everything they need to at work. So it’s…

In recognition of World AIDS Day, a discussion panel took place during the Essence Festival earlier this year that included Alicia Keys and Melissa Harris-Perry. Alicia Keys is well-known for her contributions in  making a difference int he world today and she is also known for being a AIDS/HIV activists. The songstress took the initiative to […]

A few weeks ago, Annie Lennox was headlining many stories for referring to Beyonce as “feminist lite.” Those stories also including suggestions that Annie did not respect Beyonce as a feminist. Lennox recently went on to ‘The View’ to express that her words were misconstrued then to explain that when it comes to being a […]

  In Paris, Nicki Minaj had joined Jay-Z and Beyonce on the “One The Run” tour to perform their song Flawless Remix.  While they were on the scene she picked up a few pointers from Bey not only on stage but behind the stage. She admire her for being able to take on the role […]

If you’re a fan of R&B Divas L.A., you may have seen the episode that featured the ladies marrying themselves in a ceremony.  They each…


Knowing when to move on is only part of the battle... Read more to find out what else you need to do. <!--more-->

See the pictorial recap of the 2009 Women's Empowerment Series featuring Jennifer Hudson. Mark your calendars for March 6, 2010 for the next years event. <!--more-->