Bill Maher’s ex-girlfriend Coco Johnsen, is throwing shade on him – strongly insinuating he hurled the n-word a number of times during their relationship. She told us she believes Bill simply thought it was no big deal and no one would care that he jokingly referred to himself as a “house n*****.” Coco dated Maher […]

Twitter went off on the comedian and talk show host for using the racial slur. Bill Maher has built a career teetering the line of racial politics and comedy, but on Friday he may have seriously stepped over it. On Friday’s Real Time Maher referred to himself as a “house n-word while interviewing Republican Sen. Ben Sasse […]

Every so often Bill Maher will say something that's offensive and over-the-top. Friday was his most recent incident.

During a segment of his show Friday night, HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher said slain Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown was acting like a thug…


MSNBC’s PoliticsNation host Reverend Al Sharpton said that critics shouldn’t judge Paula Deen by her use of the word “ni**er” decades ago, reports “A…


Liberal America’s favorite undercover bigot, Bill Maher, defended chef Paula Deen‘s use of the word “ni**er” by declaring it freedom of speech on par with…

  Apparently Bill Maher has taken it upon himself to give out and revoke “Black Cards”….Well Wayne Brady is here to tell Mr. Maher that he got the game messed up! Mo’Nique Shows Off A Dramatic Weight Loss LMAOOOOOOO! Mike Epps is…Charles Ramsey (Video) #OurMoments: Wayne Brady On Breaking Black Boundaries On TV  


Bill Maher may have unwittingly given Donald Trump another five minutes of relevancy when he called him the spawn of his mother’s sexual encounter with…

They say three’s a charm right?  Kim Kardashian may have officially called it quits on hubby number two this morning, but we’re sure she’ll be back in the game soon looking for lucky number three.  Here are our top five contenders. 1.  Reggie Bush Her one true love whom she dated off and on for […]

In what is probably the most ingenuous political metaphor ever said on national television, “Real Time” host Bill Maher equated Republican thinking to the Casey Anthony verdict. “Yes, Republican base, you are just like that jury. It is pathetically clear who is killing the middle class, but you keep letting them get away with murder,” […]

It seems like every week Real Time with Bill Maher host Bill Maher has an interesting new name for President Obama that sparks some controversy. What makes this even more interesting is that Maher is a liberal and an Obama supporter, but many still feel some of the names he coins the president are racist […]

Hollywood — Bill Maher expressed disappointment and frustration with President Obama on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on Sunday. The president, he said, has been too timid in pursuing the Democratic agenda.