A group of Baltimore, Md., McDonald’s employees are up in arms and suing former co-worker , Mirlande Wilson. SEE ALSO: Nicki Minaj Denies Threatening Mariah…

Authorities say a man has been shot in the student center on the campus of Morgan State University. Police say the gunman is still at large. Baltimore and Morgan State University police say the shooting was reported about 4:50 p.m. Wednesday. Baltimore police say the victim was not a student. Read More Here (Source: Black […]

BALTIMORE-The Algebra Project which was founded by Civil Rights leader, Bob Moses has launched a campaign against Maryland’s planned $104 million detention center for juveniles charged a adults. The Algebra Project uses mathematics as an organizing tool to make sure that urban students are given a quality public school education and has fought against what […]

Last weekend at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, scientists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, and other intellectuals came to honor a living legend in the field of science, Dr. James West. At the age of 80, West has dedicated 60 years of his life to the advancement of science and to provide opportunities for minorities and women […]

Teonna Brown, the Baltimore woman arrested after she and an accomplice were caught on tape beating a transgender woman in a Baltimore McDonald’s, was sentenced to five years yesterday. Brown, 19, and her 14-year-old accomplice became infamous after footage of them pouncing Chrissy Polis became viral on the Internet. Polis, who had a seizure during the […]

WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice will sue Wells Fargo bank for preying on African American borrowers and giving them high cost sub prime loans. The Huffington Post reports: In an April 5 report to Congress, Perez’s unit said that some of these investigations would lead to lawsuits or settlements this year. “We’re a majority […]

Baltimore businessman William Lloyd Adams has died at the age of 87. Adams, who began his career as a number runner, graduated to becoming the city’s first prominent Black venture capitalist, bankrolling numerous black-owned businesses. He died of pneumonia last week. Read more at The Root RELATED: 15-year-old whiz kid graduates from Baltimore University

Where: (click below to visit venue on Foursquare)201 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 When: 1989 What: Bernie Rabinowitz’s Music Liberated record stores come up time and time again when any history of the Baltimore club and music scene is being recounted. Up until Rabinowitz’s death in a car accident in January 2003, the last […]

BALTIMORE-David Simon, the creator of the critically acclaimed TV series, “The Wire” has addressed Eric Holder’s request for a new season of “The Wire.” At a recent conference on the impacts of drugs and families, with “The Wire” stars Wendell Pierce and Sonja Sohn, Holder begged for a new season of the show. Both Holder […]

BALTIMORE Baltimore’s police commissioner, Frederick H. Bealefeld has made a harsh public criticism of the HBO TV Show, “The Wire” for the way it portrays Baltimore. The Baltimore Sun reports: “I heard all this stuff about, ‘Well there’s crime shows about L.A., about New York, about Miami,'” Bealefeld said. “You know what Miami gets in […]

The city of Baltimore is suing Wells Fargo for racist lending practices according to StockBriefing.com. The company said in a statement that Baltimore has claimed racist, predatory lending practices at Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) which they say has led to increased foreclosures for a certain demographic. Read The Whole Story RELATED STORIES Wells Fargo Accepting Applications […]