Chrissy Teigen and Kim K. talk fighting with their husbands, motherhood, and more on a new episode of "Inner Circle."

The gold medalist is bringing positivity, empowerment and grace to smartphones across the country.

Kim Kardashian West took to her app on Tuesday to give fans a peek into her 5-month-old son's wardrobe, and let's just say, Saint is stunting like his daddy.

If you’re having some trust issues or you don’t want to be Kerri Washington and avoid having a scandal, there’s a new mattress for you!  The “Smarttress” can detect when there’s some unusual activity going on in your bed when you’re not home.  With the mobile app it alerts the user on the phone when […]

Tausha Robertson may be a tech newbie, but she is revolutionizing the beauty game with her new app.

A black woman creates an app aimed to curb employment discrimination.

Archives + Absences will keep the public aware of the ongoing police violence in America.

Let your soul do the swiping–such is the tagline for this new Black dating app, Soul Swipe. So I guess Black folks needed their own…

Turns out money can buy love just for $25 at that. There is this new app out that allows you to have an invisible girlfriend/ boyfriend for just $25. Now what come with this app are 100 text messages, 10 voicemails, 1 hand-written note, and even a few selfies. This app was created to help comfort […]

Nowadays there is an app for virtually everything you can think of. This includes food and spirits delivery, movie times and locations, mixes put together…

Think you have an STD? There’s an app for that!!! A new test will soon enable STDs to be diagnosed via your mobile phone or computer, a move that health experts hope will slow the rising rate of infection among young people. According to bettyconfidential, mobile phones and computers will soon be able to diagnose […]