Dawn Richard has been a group member to Danity Kane and, more recently, Diddy Money. But, now, she’s ready to go solo. Top 10 Girl Groups In Black Music [PHOTOS] Top 15 Black Supermodels Of All Time [PHOTOS] “I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been in two amazing groups, but I feel like I’ve never […]

Alicia Keys’ longtime business partner and producer, Kerry “Krucial” Brothers, who was also rumored to be her ex-boyfriend, recently revealed that we can expect a new album from the singer this year. 25 Reasons We Love “Love Jones” Top 9 Music Videos Of The 2000s At last weekend’s ASCAP 2nd Annual Grammy Brunch, he told […]

Beyonce’s fans may not have to wait much longer for her next album. According to Australian singer/songwriter Sia, who hopes to contribute to the album, there’s only one song left until it’s complete. Top 9 Music Videos Of The 2000s 47 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama According to MTV, After gushing about her […]

It’s only been four months since Trey Songz released his fourth album “Passion, Pain & Pleasure,” but he’s already looking to release another this year. He told Billboard, “I want to release an album this year. We’re starting in the studio now. I’m always thinking about music. I’m in the studio whenever I can be. […]

Monica is planning on releasing a Christmas album. Unfortunately, her fans won’t be seeing it this year. Though Monica planned to record a holiday song this year, timing became an issue. “We were working on it and we found out that we did it too late for iTunes, and for that reason it didn’t work,” […]

While shooting her commercial for Vizio televisions, Beyonce took a break to discuss her upcoming album.She says she’s currently in the studio, and playing with a lot of live instruments so that the sound of the album can be one of a kind. Can’t wait to hear it! 5 Reasons Why The Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors […]

Rihanna has recorded a sequel to her and Eminem’s hit song, “Love The Way You Lie.” The Alex Da Kid-produced song will appear on Rihanna's forthcoming album "Loud," which drops in stores November 16th.

Beyonce's new album it's going to be incredible, according to writer Sean Garrett, but that's not something she'd like us all to know just yet. It seems he spoke too soon because Beyonce is putting a gag on Garrett.

Producer Los Da Mystro, most known for his work with Chris Brown, has confirmed what all of us already knew: Beyonce is done taking the break she promised and is back to work

The bulk of the new material was comprised by Chuck Harmony and Chrisette, and boasts songs of triumph over love loss and freedom to love again.

Rihanna's release of her "Who's That Chick" video came as much of a surprise to her as it was to her fans. After all, there was no promotion for it, no mentions, no sneak peeks - nothing. She took to her Twitter account to explain how the mishap occurred.

It is reported that the album will launch Ginuwine into a higher realm of soulful songs, showcasing his vocals more than ever before.