Daniel Day-Lewis is an actor known for getting completely absorbed by the characters he plays; this may prove to be his greatest challenge as an actor. After the success and acclaim of ‘Lincoln’, he has again teamed with Steven Spielberg for what is CERTAIN to be a controversial blockbuster, sure to have the world talking… […]

Regina King and Malcolm Jamal Warner had ended their relationship. Sources claimed that it wasn’t in the most friendliest of terms. Supposedly, Malcolm asked Regina and her son to leave the home they shared together. Well today, Regina King tweeted a response to the story claiming that she and Malcolm are “good.” Maybe it’s just […]

Lenny Kravitz will not play Marvin Gaye in “Sexual Healing,” an upcoming biopic. Deadline.com reports Jesse L. Martin will fill in for Kravitz, a surprising development given that Martin was actually originally cast in the film when it was to be produced by James Gandolfini. Marvin Gaye III (the singer’s son) had previously expressed grave reservations about […]

It’s that time of year again and there are plenty of great actors, actresses, songs and movies! We want to know who YOU think deserves to “Thank The Academy” this year! Answer our polls below! To see the complete list of Oscar nods visit MTV.com

Blair Underwood conquered acting long ago with roles like Set It Off, Something New and Madea’s Family Reunion. He also just got off of a successful run on Broadway’s A Street Car Named Desire (alsongside Wood Harris). Now that he’s got all of that under his belt, he’s moved on to fashion. He talked to the TJMS crew about being […]

Don Cheadle took to Twitter to clarify statements he made to Jet Magazine about wishing President Obama was more “gangsta”. “I realize that when speaking to reporters who are looking for the juiciest comments to print, a word like gangster in connection with a black president uttered by a black celebrity can almost be too […]


Common takes on a new role that challenges him in a good way. <!--more-->


M.C. Big Daddy B.C.??? say it ain't so....LOL <!--more-->


YES!!!!!! I am so happy about this one. I absolutely LOVE this show. Me, my Hubby and my daughters watch it even in re-runs..LOL Family Time...LOL <!--more-->

It's the return of the Soul Train Awards... Without all the drama. <!--more-->


OMG!!! I wish more parents would teach their children to be world helpers.. <!--more-->