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Your mom is special. No, I mean really special – after all, she’s the reason why you’re here.  So why would you treat her just like any other mother and come with the average flowers and candy?  This year, we’ve got the list of the hottest gifts for the hottest moms based on who they really are, not just a random guide to any ol’ mom. After all, you want your mom to have the best. Here’s our list of things sure to make her smile on Mother’s Day.




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1. For The Old-School Mom

For The Old-School Mom

You know that mom that says she wants nothing and she’s just happy if you’re happy? Well, unless she’s not a drinker at all, here’s a secret. Most moms love wine. It’s a great way to relax and for moms who love to cook, red or white wines go with just about any meal. But which should you choose? Buy both and don’t go cheap, but you can get a quality wine for less than $20.

2. For The ‘Fancy’ Mom

For The ‘Fancy’ Mom

Are her nails and toes always tight? Well, nails on fleek cost. If your mom loves to get her mani/pedi on, but times are tight, get her an at-home gel manicure kit. Some don’t even need U/V light and have a vast variety of color choices. Head to your local beauty supply store or Prices range from $50-100.

3. For The ‘Forty-Fit’ Mom

For The ‘Forty-Fit’ Mom

If you’re mom is 40 or more and still looks like she’s your older sister, chances are she gets it in in the gym on a regular basis. The jury is out on the new Apple watches so far, but one of their best features is the fitness applications. They can track pace and heart rate and some of their built-in options don’t require you to have your phone with you. That’s great for runners and gym rats. From $349

4. The ‘Globetrotter’ Mom

The ‘Globetrotter’ Mom

Does your mother have a passport that has had to have pages replaced? Is her home full of all the things she’s collected on her travels around the country…and the world? If so, an airline gift card, which your mom can use toward the purchase of airline tickets, is a great idea. Several airlines offer them in different denominations; just check to make sure they don’t have an expiration date.

5. The ‘Type A’ Mom

The ‘Type A’ Mom

Does your mom always have so many projects going on she needs her own caffeine drip to stay energized? Can you not remember the last time you saw her without a Starbucks cup in her hand or her car’s cupholder? If so, save her time and money with a Keurig coffeemaker that can also make tea and hot chocolate. Various programmable models are available big box retailers, starting around $90.

6. The ‘Fabulous Face’ Mom

The ‘Fabulous Face’ Mom

Does your mother’s bathroom look like a department store makeup counter? Does she love to try new products? Let’s make it easy for her. will send her a new box of beauty goodies monthly for just $10 and yes, they make ones up for specific (i.e. African American) skin colors and hair type.

7. The ‘That’s My Song’ Mom

The ‘That’s My Song’ Mom

Does your mother love music? Does she have a bigger iTunes library than you do? If so, get her a Bose Soundlink speaker, portable enough to take the music wherever she goes and loud enough to dance when no one’s watching at home. Despite it’s desktop size, It’s a Bluetooth speaker with great sound and it even comes in four colors. or any sound/big box retailer. $129

8. The ‘Can I Fix You A Plate’ Mom

The ‘Can I Fix You A Plate’ Mom

Does your mom love to whip up gourmet meals, host dinner parties and cook for her friends and family? Well, she’ll love a Vitamix blender which will make all that easier. You can make everything from sauces to smoothies to soups in this powerful blender, and it lasts for years. Vitamix blenders, from $379 and up Target, Amazon and other big box retailers.

9. The ‘Don’t Bother Me, The Housewives Are On’ Grandmom

The ‘Don’t Bother Me, The Housewives Are On’ Grandmom

Let’s not forget Grandmom, who loves reality TV. If there’s a housewife in the title, she’s watching. And she knows her way around a DVR, too. To make her happy, pick up one of the brand new Samsung curved 4D HD TV’s. You don’t really need 4D HD yet, but when it catches up to the technology, Grandmom will be ahead of the game. Plus they look great. $500 and up, big box retailers.

10. The ‘Curvy Fashionista’ Mom

The ‘Curvy Fashionista’ Mom

If your mom is plus-sized, we’ve got great news. For just $39.99 a month she can rent fabulous plus-size fashions and then return or buy them. And Gwynnie Bee will even pay for dry cleaning. What?! That’s pretty amazing and so are the clothes. Here’s to being a fashionista on a budget. Plans from $35 to $159 a month, with free shipping. Sizes from 10-32.