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Leaving the toilet seat up Driving one another’s car Talking too loudly on the phone Whose turn it is to change the baby CLICK HERE AND READ MORE

Does he have long-term friends? Does he show up when he says he will? Does he turn on them quickly? You could be subject to the same judgment CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

It can boost intimacy It can improve communication Getting outside perspective Nobody’s judging Find out what he’s really saying CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

When they’re separated When they’re launching a business When they just broke up with someone When they or you are about to move You’re in different stages of life CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Issues can fester Nobody will make a plan Traveling together is a mess Everything can be a joke You’re always late You always agree to disagree CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Loving the outdoors Traveling A love of dogs Cooking Coffee CLICK HERE AND READ MORE   

Let you choose the place Let you bring a friend Pick an appropriate hour Steer you clear of creeps Hands off for now Keep it light for now CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Should you feel Crazy in love? Fireworks can go up in flames Chemistry is cheap Can your ego handle the one? Research says you should marry your friend In fact, marriage is mostly friendship Flattery only goes so far CLICK HERE AND READ MORE

Know what you’re seeking, beneath the surface Don’t just find a father; find a partner Enthusiasm can’t be one-sided If he isn’t showing up, he’s not the one CLICK HERE AND READ MORE   

Never initiating sex Never accepting a gift Over-scheduling yourself Asking Can you afford that? Not participating in the playfulness CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Why do we rush? People usually rush into relationships because they are eager to feel a sense of connection and attachment to someone. What do we miss when we rush? One risk of rushing is that you let the intoxicating (i.e. bonding) experience of infatuation take place before understanding compatibility. Lust is much easier than […]

Lead by example Before expecting a partner to love her in the way she needed to be loved, You have to fill your own tank first If you want quality time with a partner, put in quality time with yourself for self-care. If you must explain, do While we hope our partners pick up our […]