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You don’t trust him You don’t want to get close There are self-love issues at play You’re worried about your O face You’re worried about your O sounds He’s cocky CLICK HERE AND READ MORE

Frequent and frivolous texting Strong preference for one-on-one time Stiffness/discomfort in a social setting Pushing himself into your inner circle Panic over a brief intermission A new-found passion for your passions CLICK HERE AND READ MORE

You’re always the first to apologize You’re the only one who initiates plans You make the majority of the sacrifices You do most of the problem-solving You pay for everything Support is rarely reciprocated CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Enjoying your own company The future is forever lit Breakups no longer break you You don’t expect love to solve your problems You are at one with your emotions CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Establish Rules: Make Dates Maintain traditional Contact  Keep It Spicy Prioritize Visits Behave Like You’re Spoken For: Know When To Let Go  

They make mealtime fun They walk together They entertain each other They let each other vent They say It’ll be okay They brainstorm career stuff together They have projects together CLICK HERE AND READ MORE  

He wants to make you laugh He offers to help He makes sure you are safe He loves spending time with you He plans ahead He cares about your career He respects your opinions He puts effort into his appearance He introduces you to his family CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

You play the blame game You always criticize your partner You always have to be in control You play mind games You yell during every disagreement CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

You keep sleeping with an ex You’re in an on-again-off-again thing You don’t enforce new rules You don’t even uphold your ultimatums You bail on your ambitions for love CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Even fun activities provoke an argument Leaving social events to argue You must choose between work or him You must choose between socializing and him You must ask for more shows of love CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

You’re a meticulous planner You need to get your finances together You’d like to spend time enjoying being engaged and less time stressing about a wedding There are aspects of your relationship that need to be worked through You have other things to accomplish before tying the knot CLICK HERE AND READ MORE 

Porsche Rosmon warns, but she wouldn’t wish what happened to her on her worst enemy. After a week in Las Vegas for a work convention, Porsche returned to the Tennessee home she shares with her husband on Saturday, only to find the place nearly cleaned out! Porsche shared her harrowing experience with her TikTok followers […]