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Remember a few weeks ago when the female sports reporter, Ines Sainz made allegations that she was sexually harassed in the locker room of the NY Jets? Well, Sainz is now requesting that she not be required to enter into men’s locker rooms any longer. She says she will conduct her interviews any where but the locker room. “I’m not going into the locker rooms anymore,” she said Thursday at a news conference near Universal Studios. “It’s not a good place right now for me. I don’t want to be in there.” Personally, I do not see the reason why she was ever allowed access. There should already be a policy in place where reporters or the opposite sex are not permitted into the locker room.

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It is understandable that emotions are running high and excitement is in the air after a game and reporters and camera men from various TV stations want to be the first to capture that raw emotion of the athletes. They want to connect the viewers with the athletes in their first moments after the game. However, I always found it intrusive for them to be allowed into the locker room at all. The locker room is supposed to be a place of solace, team development and bonding for the athletes and coaches. Not an interview room. The reporters can wait ten minutes or so for the athletes to shower and dress. The fans will still be there waiting patiently to see their favorite star athlete to discuss how he made the exciting pass that won the game. They will wait the extra time for them.

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Also, I do not agree with the need for female or male reporters to be allowed access into the locker-room of the athletes of the opposite sex. This appears to happen more so with male athletes than female athletes. Female reporters are allowed into a locker room where the athletes could be showering, getting dressed or just walking around in the buff. I think if the opposite sex was not allowed into the locker rooms this would decrease the chances of future uncomfortable situations.

This is not to say, the athletes have the right to sexually harass a reporter of any sex at any time. Or that they should not be responsible for their actions. However, this policy being implemented would decrease any future lawsuits, uncomfortableness or controversy among reporters and athletes of all genders.

Meanwhile, Sainz said she has received 10 to 12 job interviews and an offer to pose nude in Playboy, which the married mother of three children rejected. She accepted an offer from boxing promoter Top Rank to provide daily reports and features in the week leading up to the Nov. 13 fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito in Texas. “I’m ready to move on and keep working,” she said.

Quotes Via: ESPN

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