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Montel Williams suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. He told a shocked CNN host he had smoked before he came to do the interview.

“I medicate myself every morning, I medicate myself throughout the day and I medicate myself every single evening,” he said. “Just the same way anybody else does and just the same way I did when I was taking prescription medication in inordinate amounts to keep track of the same issues I use marijuana for.”

Montel explained that he is a card carrying marijuana user in 2 of the 14 states it’s legal in. He wanted to make it clear that he doesn’t smoke weed to get high.

“People who have illnesses like mine that have traumatic neuropathic illness. We don’t get the same euphoria of people that don’t have it. I get neuropathic pain lessening and that’s why I use it.”

Hey Hey Hey Hey……….Smoke Weed Everyday – Nate Dogg